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Success Stories

Exporting from the U.S.

From a first-time sale with a freshly gained distributor to record sales at a trade show, we celebrate the many paths of success achieved by our participating companies exporting from the U.S.

Sustainable Winery makes Norway their Largest Export Market

"Mari Jones emphasizes the critical role played by the WUSATA Branded program in their j..."

Emeritus Vineyards, of Sebastopol, California, embarked on a journey of international success when they became a participant of the Western United States Agricultural Trade Association (WUSATA) in 2021. The turning point in their global endeavors came when they joined the Branded Program, funded by the USDA's Market Access Program.

WUSATA participation leads to a viable business venture in Canada

"FundMatch allows us to leverage a more aggressive marketing/product demonstration strat..."

Brazi Bites is based out of Portland, Oregon and they have been a Western United States Agricultural Trade Association (WUSATA) participant since 2015. They utilize WUSATA’s FundMatch Program, which is funded through the USDA’s Market Access Program (MAP). David Bondioli, the Director of Club Sales at Brazi Bites explained the significant impact the FundMatch Program had in 2022.

Western Onion Increases Mexico and Central America Buyer Roster at WUSATA Trade Mission

"“Even if we contacted these buyers on our own, the response would not be as good as whe..."

Western Onion is based in Camarillo, California. To meet new buyers in their key markets of Mexico and Central America, they joined the 2021 WUSATA Mexico Outbound Mission to Mexico City and Monterrey, which also included buyers from Central America.

Exporter of the Year Award goes to Colorado Based WUSATA Participant

"The FundMatch program is making it possible for us to attend trade shows that we wouldn..."

Colorado based company, East West Beer Exchange, was founded in 2017 after CEO, Drew Wolman, identified a need for US craft beers in eastern Europe. Little by little the company grew and are now exporting craft beers from 16 American Breweries to 12 European countries. In 2022, they joined the Western United States Agricultural Trade Association’s FundMatch Program, funded by the USDA’s Market Access Program. They utilized the funding to increase the number of samples and giveaway items they brought to the International Food & Drink Event in London which they attended alongside the Colorado Department of Agriculture and the USDA. At the event, they made connections with 15 buyers from the Netherlands and 12 buyers from the United Kingdon. Since then, they have done business with 3 of the buyers from the Netherlands and are in “very promising” talks with a buyer from the UK.

Hilltop Ranch Expands Global Reach at the 2022 Gulfood Trade Mission

"“Hilltop Ranch is grateful for organizations like WUSATA that make selling almonds worl..."

In February of 2022, Hilltop Ranch of Ballico, California, participated in the world’s largest annual food and beverage trade show, Gulfood. Through the Market Access Program and WUSATA’s FundMatch program, Hilltop Ranch received partial reimbursement for their booth space, freight costs, and other travel expenses. This year’s trip to Gulfood was critical due to an ownership change in January. It was especially important for Hilltop Ranch to see their customers and display their quality of products will not decline but continue to improve.

The Chief Operating Officer, Raj Samran, had this to say about his FundMatch experience for this activity. “FundMatch was a great asset to utilize for Hilltop to make attending the trade show more affordable. WUSATA has always been a great resource for Hilltop Ranch to help market our California Almonds.” The connections we made at Gulfood resulted in a growing customer list with 50 new distributorships, expansion to new markets, and a 15% spike in sales due to their participation.

With the help of WUSATA and FundMatch, Hilltop Ranch has been able to expand their brand by being physically present at these tradeshows, it has been integral in growing their business. A direct quote from Raj Samran, “Hilltop Ranch is grateful for organizations like WUSATA that make selling almonds worldwide possible. We look forward to continuing our work with WUSATA and taking Hilltop Ranch, Inc. to even higher levels.”

WUSATA Helps Arizona Pet Company Break into the Chinese Market

"Getting into China is huge; it will help us continue to grow our exports."

Vet Worthy, a rapidly growing pet products supplier based out of Tempe, Arizona, joined the Western United States Agricultural Trade Association in 2016. Since joining, they have utilized WUSATA’s FundMatch Program, funded through the Market Access Program (MAP),to double their impact at trades shows by increasing the size of their booth space and displays.

FundMatch Program Reduces Barriers to International Markets for Utah-Based Company

"WUSATA allowed us to expand product lines at a more rapid rate to meet the needs of the..."

PROBAR joined the Western United States Agricultural Trade Association’s FundMatch program in 2019. Based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, the company specializes in healthy, plant-based meal replacement bars. The FundMatch program, which is funded by the USDA’s Market Access Program, has helped the company via 50% reimbursement for packaging that meets each foreign countries’ requirements. With their country-compliant packaging, they have been able to meet market specific needs and reach consumers in their native languages, nearly doubling their global reach since joining. They are now exporting their products to 28 countries including Korea, the United Arab Emirates, and Germany, to name a few.

E&E Foods Targets New Buyers in SE Asia Through WUSATA Trade Activity Sustainably

"WUSATA did a terrific job of screening prospective clients"

E&E Foods, Inc. is a full-service seafood supplier based in Renton, Washington. To reach new buyers in Southeast Asia, they participated in the 2021 Virtual Buyer Meetings activity coordinated by the Global Connect program of the Western United States Agricultural Trade Association (WUSATA). Global Connect is funded through the USDA’s Market Access Program (MAP). Participating in the event has led to four ongoing conversations with new prospective customers in Asia and Southeast Asia. As of the end of the year, sales from the activity had already reached $140K.

WUSATA Helps Washington Fresh Fruit Supplier Find New International Customers

"It is very important to explore more opportunities by meeting up with the potential buy..."

During a series of face-to-face meetings with buyers, the small company met with a new distributor and secured their first order for fresh Washington cherries. The initial air-shipped orders were completed in the summer of 2019 and have generated new revenue valued at nearly $28,000. S.A. International expects to continue doing business with this distributor for future crop harvests.

WUSATA Trade Mission Helps Bell-Carter Foods Net Chinese Buyer

"From last year, the goal was to work with China stores and now that is happening"

Bell-Carter Foods is a family-owned table olive and olive oil supplier from Lafayette, California. Since international accounts can develop from any number of network connections, they make sure to participate in outbound trade missions coordinated by the Global Connect program of the Western United States Agricultural Trade Association (WUSATA), and funded through the USDA’s Market Access Program (MAP). One unexpected but welcome customer that resulted from the 2018 USDA Outbound Trade Mission to Taiwan is Costco in mainland China.

WUSATA Trade Mission Helps Noh Foods Launch and Double Sales in Australia

"WUSATA trade missions have forced them to prepare for the business and educate themselv..."

NOH Foods of Hawaii is a minority-owned seasoning and sauce manufacturer based in Honolulu, HI. After participating in the 2018 Australia Inbound Trade Mission to Natural Products Expo West, they gained a line on a distributor from Australia who also serves Canada and Europe.

JaceyCakes Doubles UK Sales Thanks to WUSATA Support

"Attending trade shows creates opportunities for face time with existing partners and ne..."

By using FundMatch, they were able to double sales in the UK from 2017 to 2018 by launching a direct-to-consumer approach that works particularly well in the UK and Europe. JaceyCakes also uses FundMatch to exhibit at trade shows that attract large numbers of international buyers, such as Expo West.

WUSATA Helps Caffe D’Vita Develop Thriving Middle East Market

"We would not have invested long term in Gulfood without WUSATA..."

They were able to attend the show in 2019 by using WUSATA’s cost-matching program FundMatch, which is also funded by MAP. With a new distributor in place in the UAE, Caffe D’Vita has increased sales in the Middle East 100% over the previous year, and they expect that growth to continue into 2020.

Oregon Hazelnuts Stay in Front of Chinese Buyers with Support from WUSATA

"It takes a long time to get traction in some markets. Participating with WUSATA gives m..."

Northwest Hazelnut Company, a small agribusiness from Oregon, is keeping Oregon-grown hazelnuts in front of international buyers by participating in the 2018 FundMatch Program. FundMatch is coordinated by the Western United States Agricultural Trade Association (WUSATA) and funded by the USDA’s Market Access Program (MAP). During 2018, they attended the SIAL China trade show, which is a key opportunity to stay in front of their customer base and promote value-added products, such as processed nut forms.