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Global Connect Online Claims

WUSATA is changing the way participants of the Global Connect program will submit claims for reimbursement to an online process. Here we will walk you through what to expect and how to prepare.

What to Expect

Starting Fall 2023, strategic partners of the Global Connect program will be required to submit claims through their MyWUSATA account. This will replace the current paper claim forms with a guided step-by-step online process.

The type of expenses and their required documents have not changed to file a claim. If you have digital copies of the required documents, you are already prepared to submit online!

How to Find Claim Submissions

A new ‘My Claims’ section has been added to MyWUSATA, with a dashboard of existing event claims and a step-by-step process to submit new claims for reimbursement directly to WUSATA.

GlobalC find claims 1.jpg

GlobalC find claims 2.jpg

GlobalC find claims 3.jpg

To be eligible to submit claims for reimbursement you will need to be an approved member of your organization. [Members and Contractors]

The step-by-step process will guide you through entering all the information WUSATA needs to complete your claim. You’ll start by entering the top-level information such as Event, Payee, and Contact.

GC step1 (1).jpg

The next step will ask you the type of expense for the claim, and prompt you to upload all the information and supporting documents that will be required.

GC step2 (1).jpg

It is important to note that throughout the step-by-step process you will be able to save your progress and return later to complete your claim. We do however require all documents to be uploaded before you can submit your claim for WUSATA review.

Claim Processing

After you have submitted your online claim, WUSATA will review the provided information and supporting documents. As your claim is being processed, you’ll receive notifications through the MyWUSATA dashboard on its status, and if action is needed from you to complete the claim you will also receive an email. 

If there are any questions regarding your claim or additional documentation is needed, WUSATA will reach out using a new notes system on a per claim basis. You will be able to respond to WUSATA directly and attach additional documentation required.

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