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Experts and Leadership

WUSATA’s leadership team shares a passion and dedication for helping companies understand and explore the growth opportunities available in export markets.

Andrew Anderson - Executive Director

Andrew Anderson

Executive Director

While spending his first ten years of school on the New Mexico Navajo reservation, where his dad was a third generation goods trader, Andy Anderson learned how to work alongside others with different opinions and perspectives. These lessons have served Andy well throughout his 30-year career of advocating for agriculture. “I get a great deal of satisfaction from helping food producers and suppliers to diversify and develop markets. Small business entrepreneurs have a dream of sharing their U.S. grown and produced products with the world and WUSATA can help be that bridge in making it a reality." 

As WUSATA’s Executive Director for the past decade, Andy guides the organization’s overall strategy and direction, working in close collaboration with his leadership team. One of Andy’s driving goals is to change the perception of exporting from being too difficult into being an opportunity to increase a company’s stability. “WUSATA can be the catalyst for small companies with limited resources. We help them maximize opportunities while also educating about exporting and specific markets. This takes some of the risk out of exploring new markets and finding the right connections among the buying community.” 

Andy views the small business entrepreneurial spirit and drive for innovation, combined with a global demand for quality U.S. products, as a winning equation for Western food and agriculture companies. “No matter where we are, food and agricultural products from the U.S. are sought after as quality, safe products.”

To companies hesitant to enter into exporting, Andy has a simple message. “Put your fear in your pocket, pick a market, and go. Due diligence is a necessity, but with people eager for quality U.S. products, you will be welcomed. There are many groups on the side of small businesses. Our resources are broad, and we can help connect businesses with not only international buyers, but domestic services that are available and viable.”

Andy holds a graduate degree in Public Administration from Boise State University.


Chloé Moesch

FundMatch Manager

Chloé Moesch has been with WUSATA since 2016. Her initial role was Marketing and Outreach Coordinator, then in 2020 she was appointed FundMatch Manager. With her strong program knowledge and understanding she can fulfill her desire to help small agricultural companies succeed in the international marketplace.

In 2015, Chloé graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Sciences focusing on Personnel Psychology and Human Resource Management from Washington State University in Vancouver. She double majored in Psychology and received Certification in Human Services Case Management and Administration. Additionally, she was actively involved in student government for almost 2 years. Shortly after receiving her degree, Chloé was hired for the Marketing and Outreach Coordinator position, this opportunity started her journey at WUSATA.

Chloé resides in Washington State, where she has called home her entire life, and she is proud to be a native Washingtonian. She enjoys hiking in the Pacific Northwest, appreciates the nature side of things, has too many plants in her office, and enjoys tasting new food products companies graciously send to the office.

Above all, Chloé is looking forward to working with the agricultural businesses on the international marketing side, “Seeing companies participate in FundMatch successfully and how it impacts their business/local economy is one of the best feelings in the world because we are doing so much more than providing a reimbursement’s a trickledown effect”, and hopes to grow the program to its full potential in years to come. 

Johanna Pic.jpg

Johanna Herron

Global Connect Manager   

Johanna grew up in Minnesota and Colorado until she moved to Alaska in 2000. Alaska is where she found her passion for agriculture and the critical role it plays in the economy, health, and environment around us. A state not known for its agricultural bounty Alaska has unique opportunities and challenges which is what appealed most to Johanna’s problem solver personality. “My master’s degree looked at how much buy-in Farm to School would have with Alaska School Food Service Professionals and how it could be used as a health promotion strategy in youth, a win-win in an unlikely place”.

After completing her degree, the State of Alaska, Division of Agriculture was piloting a Farm to School program and Johanna was hired to develop. This led to her fascination with the impact of a reliable market on a farming operation and the logistics and infrastructure needs to support such efforts in such a large state with such a small population.

Johanna moved on to run the state branded agricultural marketing program, Alaska Grown, Specialty Crop Block Grant Program, Farm Food Safety and Inspection Programs, Communications and Marketing, and serve as the lead for Alaska at WUSATA. “When I saw this opportunity open up I knew it was for me, I have enjoyed this part of my work the most over the years and look forward to the unique perspective I will bring to the position”.

“I believe that the secret to safely scaling up your business is being involved in the international market. Whether it is obvious or not the products we sell overseas stabilize our farmers, food security, and economy. I am excited to serve our states and businesses in this critical role”.