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Code of Conduct

WUSATA has built a strong reputation worldwide for honesty and integrity by consistently operating with high standards.

Preserving the trust of our stakeholders is the responsibility of every individual associated with our organization. This Code of Conduct outlines the common values and commitment needed to promote the highest possible standards of professional business acumen. WUSATA administers its business through core values of integrity, trust, diversity, partnership, and performance.

WUSATA Code of Conduct

By adopting and enforcing this Code, along with a Privacy Policy, Non-Discrimination Policy and No Fraud Policy, WUSATA seeks to maintain and enhance our reputation and that of our participants and industry.

WUSATA Staff, Members, Contractors, Government Affiliated Organizations and Participants will make every effort to act in a manner that upholds the following principles of this Code:

  • Comply with all applicable state, federal, foreign or international laws and regulations.
  • Use only legal and ethical business practices that maintain the highest standards of business conduct.
  • Adhere to WUSATA’s zero tolerance for fraud and do not undertake dishonest or fraudulent actions involving money, property or services including misuse and stealing.
  • Avoid participating, directly or indirectly, in any scheme that results in a false expectation or obligation. This includes paying bribes, kickbacks or other corrupt payment, and presenting gifts or entertainment in any form for the purpose of obtaining or retaining business or any other favorable action.
  • Abide by WUSATA’s Non-Discrimination Policy.
  • Treat all partnerships and colleagues in a professional and respectful manner.
  • Cooperate reasonably with other related organizations and work with them to advance the food and agricultural exporting industry.
  • Present your company honestly in public representations including advertising.
  • Avoid unfair or deceptive practices, including falsifying any application or reimbursement claim to WUSATA.
  • Conduct any relationship that forms from contact with or through WUSATA with honesty, fairness and objectivity.
  • Ensure that working environments are safe.
  • Do not share information contained in confidential and private correspondence and documentation. Handle such correspondence and documentation with appropriate care to ensure it remains confidential and private.
  • Present WUSATA products, programs, or services in an honest and forthright manner.
  • Respect the intellectual property rights of patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, or any other proprietary business information. Promptly address and rectify any unintentional breach.
  • Acknowledge that lawful, reasonable competition for business among participants is customary.
  • Comply with contractual obligations in good faith.

WUSATA’s legal and ethical obligations go far beyond the conditions outlined in this code of conduct.

Acceptance of, and adherence to this Code is a condition of participation with or employment by WUSATA. We reserve the right to deny participation to any company, for which it is our sole opinion, that business conduct and ethical behavior may cast a negative or controversial light on our programs and/or services.

If questions arise about any matter of compliance or ethics, whether covered by this code or not, please contact WUSATA’s Executive Director, Andy Anderson via email or by phone at (360) 693-3373.