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Fall 2015 FundMatch eNews

Enhanced WUSATA Website and Program Renaming

In August WUSATA rolled out our updated website in conjunction with our program renaming campaign to help companies better maximize program benefits and results. WUSATA has successfully provided export market access services and support to thousands of small western agribusinesses under the Generic, Branded, and Export Education banners. And yet, these program names didn’t clearly express what is available to participants or how they could maximize benefits. 

So to make it even easier for companies to understand the benefits of participation, WUSATA recently unveiled new program branding to help companies learn, connect, and compete in overseas markets: The Branded Program is now called FundMatch and the Generic Program is renamed Global Connect. The services offered through each program remain the same, with new enhancements delivered through a retooled website interface. The updated site is now more user-friendly, easier to navigate, and provides improved features such as real time status of FundMatch applications and claims. Gone are multiple logins for Generic and Branded access; a unified login now launches an interactive dashboard with a variety of improvements and added benefits: 

  • Improved accessibility to all company information and forms
  • Access all WUSATA services in one location 
  • Easier, more streamlined FundMatch application process with fewer steps
  • Track FundMatch allocation
  • Receive notifications about any claims items that need your attention
  • View invoices, upcoming events, marketing plans, participation history, and more

Check out your company's improved My WUSATA account dashboard today! 


Updated FundMatch Application Process

Along with the improved website comes an easier FundMatch application process. With just a few clicks you can log in, access the FundMatch application from your dashboard, and jump right into the streamlined process. Don't have time to finish it in one sitting? No problem, you can save the application and come back to it later. Clearly labeled green icons show you where you're at in the application and what steps are next. Once you've completed your online application, you will need to print and mail the required documents to WUSATA and pay the application fee. As soon as your documents arrive in the mail, our FundMatch Manager will take it from there. Log in and check it out today!

Does Your Company Qualify?

To be approved for FundMatch, companies need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be headquartered in one of the 13 western states (AK, AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, MT, NM, NV, OR, UT, WA, or WY)
  • Be a small business, according to the Small Business Administration (SBA) Guidelines
  • Products must be at least 50% U.S. grown by weight, excluding water and packaging
  • Company needs to be legally licensed and operating in the U.S. for at least one year prior to applying
  • All product labels or packaging must show a clear U.S. origin statement that indicates the product is made or grown in the U.S. or in a specific U.S. state such as "Made in the U.S." or "Product of Colorado."

For more details about qualifying for FundMatch, download the latest FundMatch manual.

2015 FundMatch Funds Still Available

Good news! Companies currently enrolled in 2015 FundMatch can request additional funding for claims they haven’t yet submitted - even up until the end of 2015! If you have activities coming up in December, you can add those to your FundMatch marketing plan and submit for reimbursement before the end of December. Call and let us know if you want additional funding.

If you are not yet part of 2015 FundMatch, there is still time to apply! Keep in mind that only activities that take place after your approval date are eligible, so if you have already conducted those activities, they are not reimbursable. Your application will need to be completed, submitted, and all signed documents must be received in the WUSATA office before the last business day of December. For more information, email Tricia Stein or call us at 360-693-3373.


Update Your My WUSATA Online Account


To make sure your company is receiving the latest information on upcoming trade shows, buying missions, and trade leads applicable to your company's products, please log in and update your account and company information including product HS codes, regions of interest, current company contacts, addresses, phone, etc.

Apply for 2016 FundMatch Today

The 2016 FundMatch application is open! If you're qualified, go ahead and complete your online application now and get ready for your 2016 events and promotions. If you have any questions about FundMatch and/or the application, email FundMatch Manager Tricia Stein or call us at 360-693-3373. We want to hear from you!