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2018 China Livestock Nutrition Outbound Trade Mission

Jun 26 - 30, 2018

Chengdu & Chongqing, China and Shanghai, China
Outbound Mission

The Western U.S. Agricultural Trade Association (WUSATA®), and the 13 Western State Departments of Agriculture, announce participation and registration in the following activity, which is brought to you by the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service:

China Livestock Nutrition Outbound Trade Mission: Shanghai and Chengdu & Chongqing, China ~  June 26 - June 30, 2018

Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in an Outbound Trade Mission tied with the China Dairy Industry Association Dairy Conference & Exhibition in Chengdu China– the largest event targeting this market sector in the country according to the Shanghai ATO. The promotion will include one-on-one meetings with qualified buyers, a product showcase and trade reception, a market briefing and educational seminar on regulatory compliance and government relations, as well as entrance to the conference and exhibition. Participants will be able to walk the floor of the China Dairy Industry Association Dairy Conference and Exhibition, getting an on the ground look at the market and the opportunities it presents.

The Chinese government is intent on making more meat and milk available to the country’s growing population. As a result, China's demand for alfalfa and other quality forage and animal feed supplements is likely to continue to grow. China imported a record 1.13 million tons of hay in 2015. Total exports to China have increased fivefold since 2010 with most of the hay being alfalfa (82 percent) that is destined for Chinese dairies. Western U.S. hay export sales to China jumped 13 percent from January through September 2017 compared to the previous year. Given that alfalfa can also be fed to lambs, goats, beef cattle, horses, swine and poultry, some industry experts believe that China’s demand for alfalfa could exceed 20 million tons annually.

Official figures show production and consumption of dairy products in China have soared, averaging a 12.8 per cent annual growth rate since 2000. The cost of feed can represent up to 60% of the total cost of producing milk in intensive dairy production and improving dairy efficiency is essential in China’s efforts to increase domestic production. Providing high-quality forage and feed supplements and other nutritional supplements for livestock to the market will meet this need.

Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to reach customers in China!

Benefits of Participation:

  • Learn about the opportunities and demands of the China Market
  • Meet one-on-one meetings with buyers, importers, and distributors
  • Showcase your products to a broad spectrum of potential customers
  • Participate in market briefings, facility and retail tours

Participant companies will need to provide their own:

  • International airfare arriving no later than June 25 and departing no earlier than July 1, 2018
  • Meals and incidental expenses
  • Product samples & shipping arrangements

WUSATA will provide:

  • Up to five nights lodging at designated mission hotel(s) for one attendee per company*
  • Coordinated group transportation to meetings
  • Custom one-on-one appointments with pre-qualified buyers, importers, and distributors
  • Interpreters (where needed for business meetings)
  • Market briefings and facility tours

Participation Fee: $250 

Companies wishing to attend this trade activity must be export-ready.
*Limit one representative per company – additional company delegates may participate at their own expense.

Please note: Companies exhibiting in the show may sign-up for this mission. However, exhibiting in the show is not required for mission participation.

Industry Focus
Livestock Feed and Nutrition
Product Description

Products must be at least 50% U.S. agricultural origin by weight, excluding added water and packaging. 

Suitable products include: feed and forage such as hay, alfalfa, etc., feed supplements and other livestock nutritional products.

Event Activities and Prices Pricing  
2018 China Livestock Nutrition Outbound Trade Mission    
China Livestock Nutrition Outbound Trade Mission $250.00  
Event Activities and Prices
2018 China Livestock Nutrition Outbound Trade Mission
China Livestock Nutrition Outbound Trade Mission $250.00
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