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Apply - Next Steps

Get started with the FundMatch application.

The FundMatch application is more than just a form. It will:

  1. Help you formulate solid marketing plans for each export market in which you will seek export funding.
  2. Outline your target budget and determine the amount of matching funds that can be allocated to you.

The application is comprised of three main sections:Three Main Sections - Application.png  

Login or Sign Up to access the FundMatch Application. While your application is submitted online, you must also print and mail in the application packet, the application summary, and all of the supporting documentation listed on the checklist that prints out with your application packet. At this time applicants will be charged a non-refundable application fee of $250.  

FundMatch Application FAQs

Do I need to mail in any documents?
As mentioned above, once your application is submitted online, you will need to print off all supporting documentation for mailing. We also provide a checklist to make sure you collect everything you need to mail to us in order to complete the application process.

What do I need to enter for my company information?
You will be asked to provide basic profile information, including contact information, product information for each brand and product to be promoted. Once this information is entered, it will auto-populate for future application cycles.

What is a marketing plan?
This is the section of the FundMatch application in which you will outline what kind of activities you plan to conduct and the estimated costs for export funding reimbursement. The more accurate you can be about your planned spending, the more closely we can allocate matching funds to cover your expenses.               

I need more help. Where can I find it?
We have a number of resources to help you through the application process. The  FundMatch Guide has detailed instructions and is your best guide to the program. We also provide webinars and seminars throughout the year on navigating the FundMatch application and claims process. Be sure to check our event calendar for upcoming FundMatch programming. We want you to call us! Our staff is always available at 360-693-3373 or email our FundMatch Director.