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WUSATA Informational Webinar - Arizona

Thursday, Nov 21, 2019 | 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Event Details

WUSATA® and the Arizona Department of Agriculture, announce participation and registration in the following activity:

WUSATA Informational Webinar:

Thursday, November 21, 2019 - 10:00AM - 11:30AM PST via GoToWebinar

Whether you're a veteran exporter or new to international trade join us for a WUSATA and AZDA webinar in November! You will learn about WUSATA’s programs, and resources available at the AZDA. During the webinar you will get questions answered through the chat line and learn how to best utilize WUSATA for your exporting needs!

WUSATA Highlights:

  • Global Connect - Explore and expand your export market with Trade Shows and one-on-one meetings with international buyers.
  • FundMatch - Learn how to get reimbursed 50% of eligible international promotional expenses up to $300,000. Applications for the 2020 program year are now open!
  • Export Education - Receive valuable market research and information designed to help you reach your exporting goals.

AZDA Highlights:

  • Export Services: Phyosanitary/Shipment Inspection Certifications
  • Arizona Grown Program: Promotes the production and consumption of Arizona food and agricultural products. *The license to use the logo is free.
  • Assistance & Education Programs: Air Quality, Good Handling Practices/Good Agri Practices, Train the Trainer, Speciality Crop Block Grant, Speciality Crop Multi-State, Citrus Research Council, Iceberg Lettuce Research Council, Grain Research/Promotion Council, and Agri Employment Relations Board. 

*Note: Once registered for the event, attendees will be notified via email about important event details (GoToWebinar).

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Industry Focus
Food Service Products Ingredient Livestock Feed and Nutrition Natural/Health Nursery Nutraceutical Organic Produce Pet Food and Products Retail Products Seafood
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WUSATA Informational Webinar - Arizona    
Event Activities and Prices
WUSATA Informational Webinar - Arizona
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