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WUSATA and the Farm Bill Need Your Support

In May 2013, the U.S. Department of Agriculture projected $139.5 billion in agricultural exports for the year, which if realized would be a new record. In response to that news, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack stated: “…American agriculture is on track to continue the strongest period of exports in our nation’s history. Agricultural exports are an important part of our economy, supporting more than one million jobs…and the USDA has worked hard to open new markets for quality U.S. agricultural products. We’ve helped achieve new trade agreements with countries around the world, helped organic producers export more products through new equivalency agreements, broken down hundreds of unfair barriers to trade, and utilized trade promotion programs that have helped thousands of U.S. businesses and organizations promote agricultural products abroad.”

Closer to home, WUSATA, with funding from the USDA’s Market Access Program (MAP), assisted over 800 regional companies in 2012 to find opportunities and success internationally. For this reason and many others, we encourage all companies to reach out to their congressional representatives to urge them to pass a fully-funded Farm Bill. We know that trade promotion efforts provided by the current Farm Bill have been extremely valuable for U.S. producers across the country. A five-year bill would continue our programs, enabling WUSATA to keep working with agribusinesses to promote their quality products around the world. This is an important step to further increase agricultural success and create more jobs here at home.

Currently, with the Senate passage of the Farm Bill at full funding and the unknown standing of the House’s vote, expressing your support for MAP could not be more crucial. For more information and the full speech, click here.

Your voice is vital in letting your elected officials know just how essential MAP is to you and your company's success. To contact a representative in your area, please visit the U.S. House of Representative website. Below you will also find two letter/email templates and tips for contacting your representative:

WUSATA thanks you for your support. Your voice can make a difference! 

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